• Veterinarian Health Examination
  • ​Dew Claws Removed
  • 1st Round of Immunizations 
  • BAER Tested - Hearing
  • Microchipped
  • Health Guarantee

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​​It is amazing to go through the puppy process starting with the breeding until the moment the puppies go to their forever homes. We are so fortunate to have met so many great people who provide our pups with fabulous homes! We thank them all from the bottom of our hearts.

These puppies are so special to us … we cherish the time we have with them. Please enjoy the pictures of Tibetan Terrier puppies we have taken along Broadway's Adventure!


Our puppies are pure bred Tibetan Terriers and come from a fabulous blood line (Shey's Tibetan Terriers) which has produced multiple AKC Champions. We raise our puppies in our home in a suburb of Minneapolis, MN. The puppies grow up in pens that are located in the rooms in which we spend our time. Each and every puppy is given individual attention all through their development.


We have a large outdoor area on our deck and a good part of our lawn is fenced in. I always chuckle when someone asks me about our facility.

Our kennel is our home!

Tibetan Terriers come in variety of colors. It is important to understand that the coloring of your puppy WILL change, as it grows older. This is a fun and an exciting characteristic of Tibetan terrier.

Don't fall in love with the color of a puppy; fall in love WITH THE PUPPY!

Black/White puppies can be seen in all variations of black and white, ranging from totally black to white with black spots! As a black/white puppy's coat matures, it may lighten and become a Silver/Black or Silver/White.

Tibetan Terrier PUPPIES

On the left are pictures of our puppies while they are being raised in our home.  Above are pictures of the

puppies after they have gone to their forever homes.

Good to know​​

Minnesota Born and Raised

Our Puppies



Sable puppies are born with black, reddish brown and white. As sables mature their coats become lighter. The reddish brown becomes different shades of tan (some with a red hue) and the black can even turn to a dark gray! 

Gold/White puppies have NO black on them. The gold color on them tends to darken as their coat matures. Broadway delivered gold/whites that appeared all white at birth. By the time they went to their permanent homes, they all had gold on them.

Brindle puppies will appear as sables at birth. As their coat matures and the dark reddish brown lightens, black hairs will be mixed with it. This black hair can be seen from the root, not just at the ends.

We will help you determine what color the puppy will be as they develop as best we can. Even we can be surprised! In Broadway's last litter we posted that we had 4 black/whites and 2 sables. By 4 weeks of age, we had 2 black/whites, 3 sables, 1 tri-color (black, gold and white) and one little boy that is starting to appear as gold, silver and black.

Picking a puppy

All puppies are cute! Before you pick a puppy, it is wise to take time to research the Tibetan Terrier bred. Determine what you would like in terms of personality, size, how much time and attention you will be able to give, and the amount of space you have available for a dog. When you able to tell us these things, it will make a big difference in which puppy is right for you and your individual situation.

As the puppies develop, we take great care in evaluating each puppy to best of our ability before a puppy is placed. It is important to us to match the puppy with what the puppy buyers are looking for in an adult Tibetan Terrier.

Just as in human beings, these wonderful dogs have different personalities. While we cannot guarantee the personality and behavior of an adult puppy, we can help direct you towards the puppy that we feel will best fit into your home. How you interact, socialize, train and care for your puppy after it goes home is the most important part of having a puppy that you can live with!

If you are unable to meet the puppies before it is time for the puppies to home, you can rest assured that we have carefully considered the information you have given us and the puppy that we offer to you.

It is important to know that we DO NOT ship puppies.