Tibetan Terriers come in a variety of

colors. The most notable names are:

Black/White, Sable and Gold/White

The outer coat is fine and long with an

undercoat that is soft and wooly.

Tibetan Terriers have special

grooming needs.

Needs daily excercise.

Suitable for city and suburban living.

Tibetan Terriers are very responsive to

obedience training and learn quickly.

Tibetan Terriers can be quite the characters

Examples of Full Coat and Groomed Coats



Tibetan Terriers are medium size.

Weight: 18 - 30 pounds.
Height: 14 - 17"
Life Span: 12 - 15 years

Tibetan Terriers can be very funny little

dogs that are good-natured and very

intelligent. They are very loving and

loyal to their owners. Captured in this

illustration are words that people have

used to describe their TT.​

Tibetan Terriers

At a Glance

The Look of a Tibetan Terrier


In the following information are excerpts from the Official Breed Standard found on the American Kennel Club ( When showing a dog in confirmation competitions, the dog/bitches should comply to this information.

I took excerpts from the Standard to make it easier for someone looking for a puppy to understand what a purebred Tibetan Terrier should looks like. People who are not actively showing a dog will need to have this breed groomed on a regular basis. When having your TT groomed, it is important to talk with the groomer about having the cut done in a way to preserve the "look" of a TT in full coat. For example, the tail should not be trimmed, the ears should have a "V" shape and the facial hair / beard should be trimmed to look as close as possible to a TT is full coat.

People who would like to keep their TT in "full coat" will need to understand how to groom and the amount of time involved. Most people who own TTs for pets have them cut on a regular basis. 

Tibetan Terriers have many personality traits. And right when you think you figure them out - they pull out another one!

I asked our followers on Facebook at Broadway's Adventure to tell me ONE word that would describe their Tibetan Terrier. I was amazed at how many words popped up in the comment area from just as many followers! Take a moment to read the words in the frame around Broadway and Daisey above. 

Jim and I were just talking the other day about how many people who purchase our puppies have either have a TT and want to get another one, had one, or knows someone who does. When people meet them, it is usually love at first sight!

My personal experience with my girls is a good example. Broadway, Daisey, Alaina and Mabelle are all characters - but each one is different!

Broadway is ever watchful; just taking in whatever is happening around her. Sometimes I look up and she is just sitting and staring at me! She is the first to jump on my lap and loves to sit and just be with me. She is very sweet and loving. Of the three, she is the alpha and definitely in charge, but not in outward way. The girls just follow her lead!

Daisey is very loving in another way. She can always be found at my feet under my worktable, by the couch and on the bed. She also likes to play fetch and tug. We call her the princess. When she wants something, she wants it NOW! She knows exactly what time it is and if it is dinnertime, it's like a bell rings exactly at 4:30 and she is over by her bowl waiting to be fed. If Broadway is lying by me on the couch, Daisey will jump up and sit on my lap so that she can be closer to me than Broadway. If you watch this happen, it is so funny to watch Broadway. She just sits there and doesn't move. Then she will turn her head over at Daisey and stare at her, like "Really? I was here first!" 

Alaina, well she is just a little spitfire! She loves to do zoomies! She takes off running in circles around the yard and the other girls can't keep up with her. She runs right by them taunting them to play, up the path, down the steps and jumps off into the yard for another round. She also has a bit of an attitude. She has a way of flipping her hair out of her eye as if to say, "Hum, are you serious?" When I am sitting on the couch with my feet up, she likes to curl up on the footstool by my feet. And during the night, she will jump up on the bed to curl up behind my knees. She is a little love bug, but doesn't stay put in one place too long!

Mabelle is new to the pack. This apple didn't fall far from the tree - she is like the mini me

to Alaina. It will be fun to watch her grow and she her personality evolve. Love her!!

" ... The Tibetan Terrier evolved over many centuries, surviving in Tibet's extreme climate and difficult terrain. The breed developed a protective double coat, compact size, unique foot construction, and great agility. The Tibetan Terrier served as a steadfast, devoted companion in all of his owner's endeavors.

General Appearance: The Tibetan Terrier is a medium-sized dog, profusely coated, of powerful build, and square in proportion. A fall of hair covers the eyes and foreface. The well-feathered tail curls up and falls forward over the back. The feet are large, flat, and round in shape producing a snowshoe effect that provides traction. The Tibetan Terrier is well balanced and capable of both strong and efficient movement. 

Head: - The head is well furnished with long hair, falling forward over the eyes and foreface. Muzzle - The lower jaw has a small amount of beard. Nose - Black. Teeth - White, strong and evenly placed. Eyes - Large, set fairly wide apart, dark brown and may appear black in color.

Ears - Heavily feathered with a "V" shape. 

Body: Neck - Length proportionate to the body and head. Body - Compact, square and strong, capable of both speed and endurance. Topline - The back is level in motion. Chest - Heavily furnished. Tail - Medium length, heavily furnished, set on fairly high and falls forward over the back, may curl to either side. There may be a kink near the tip. Legs - Heavily furnished. Feet - The feet of the Tibetan Terrier are unique in form among dogs. They are large, flat, and round in shape producing a snowshoe effect that provides traction. The pads are thick and strong. They are heavily furnished with hair between the toes and pads. Hair between the toes and pads may be trimmed level with the underside of the pads for health reasons. 

Coat: Double coat. Undercoat is soft and woolly. Outer coat is profuse and fine but never silky or woolly. May be wavy or straight. Coat is long but should not hang to the ground. The coat of puppies is shorter, single and often has a softer texture than that of adults. A natural part is often present over the neck and back.

Color: Any color or combination of colors including white are acceptable to the breed. There are no preferred colors or combinations of colors.

Size: Average weight is 20 to 24 pounds, but the weight range may be 18 to 30 pounds. The average height in dogs is 15 to 16 inches, bitches slightly smaller. 

Temperament: The Tibetan Terrier is highly intelligent, sensitive, loyal, devoted and affectionate. The breed may be cautious or reserved."